earth, spirit, energy
[ s h a m a n i s m ]

Shamanism is a set of principles and practices that ultimately help us to become whole,
to become the best versions of ourselves. Most shamanic paths include the cultivation of lightheartedness, surrender, fearlessness, compassion, directness, love for nature and Mother Earth, personal responsibility and integrity, and interdependence. Shamanic practitioners see the sacred in all things, and the potential for medicine in everything. Shamans intervene at the level of the luminous sphere and the chakras. A shaman can remove the imprints from your energy field which create repetitive dysfunctional circumstances in the glands, often the cause of many diseases.

Alternative healing methods like shamanism view pain and imbalance as opportunities to learn more about ourselves and dive deeply into the mind-body connection. The healing takes place on both the mental and energetic plane. In contrast to other energy modalities, the shaman does not bring his or her energy into the person's field. The shaman removes blocks and assists the flow of energy in the luminous sphere of the person he or she is working with.

What is a session like?
We'll start with a conversation about your intentions and what's been going on for you. During the energy work, you remain fully clothed, with minimal (or no) contact. There will be time at the end for you to express yourself or ask questions, and I usually assign "homework" so that you can continue the healing and integration process in the days and weeks to come.
Sessions usually last about one hour.

Do I need to have something specific that I want to work on?
It's helpful to have an intention to give us a sense of direction for the session. We can spend the entire session working on the one issue you would like to shift or we can work in a general way at the outset (clearing your energy field, leading you in a journey meditation, do a chakra balancing) in order to see what might be most helpful for you.