earth, spirit, energy
[ e n e r g y ]

Energy Medicine is a method of working directly with the body's energy
systems to help sustain health and wellness. It is both a complement to more traditional medical modalitie and a complete self-contained system for self-care.
Energy interventions are used to help balance energies
using techniques that activate the body's natural healing abilities.
This can help restore vital energies that have become blocked, weakened, or out of balance.

Energy Medicine creates an energetic environment
within your body that supports its vitality and wisdom. It also helps to assess specific body energies and how they relate to your current health.
From this assessment, a plan can be developed to help you
address physical or emotional issues that could be contributing to less than optimal health,
and shift stuck energy patterns that cause pain and disease.

Energy Medicine offers potent tools for addressing illnesses and emotional blocks.
It can help promote high-level wellness and peak performance.
It can ensure that your body's energies flow in an overall
balanced and harmonious manner. While Energy Medicine does not diagnose or cure illnesses,
it has shown that working with the body's subtle energies can help to strengthen your
immune system, enhance learning skills, relieve stress and anxiety, relieve pain,
improve digestion, and enhance well being.

During a session, you lie on a comfortable table while fully clothed. You may talk and ask questions during the session if you'd like or enjoy the quiet, stress free environment.
I use the energy in my hands, crystals, magnets, and color to support the clearing and alignment of all your energies and energy systems. We can all heal and we are all capable of change and I offer a safe and compassionate space to facilitate that for you.