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Energy Medicine Techniques
various locations

Learn some of the most fundamental, natural and powerful means for activating,
restoring, balancing and enhancing your own energy systems,
so you can feel inspired, healthy, and vibrant throughout your day.
Some of the topics we may be exploring are:

The basics of energy. Learn to recognize and test for the signs of energy imbalances in your
body and how to correct them for yourself. You will be taught exercises that will align your energies to flow harmoniously within your energy systems, enabling you to unblock stagnant energies and allow healing to take place both physically and emotionally.

The meridian system. The meridians are electromagnetic energy pathways carrying vital information to every organs and system in our body. When there is an energetic disruption in this system, we can feel pain, lethargy, and other forms of imbalances. Keeping our meridians
flowing clearly helps maintain our health and vitality. Learn how to work with the meridians to prevent and correct imbalances that could be early signals of common health issues.

The chakra system. Learn about this incredible series of energy vortexes that have a significant impact on our major organ systems as well as our emotional well being. Learn techniques to open and balance your chakras to clear old energy habits and allow fresh energy to flow through your body.

The auric field. Learn about the 7 layers of the aura and how they protect us by filtering and screening harmful energies out of our environment, as well as attracting nourishing energies to us. If our aura is collapsed or detached, our energies feel exposed, depleted, or unable to protect us from outside influences. Learn techniques to strengthen your aura and keep a strong and healthy etheric field.

Women and hormones. Learn about hormones such as estrogen, progesterone, and cortisol
that assist us throughout our lives, and how we can energetically influence their functioning to bring more balance and comfort into our bodies. We will practice techniques useful for supporting and shifting imbalances related to PMS, pregnancy, stress, and menapause.

For more information, contact Susan Perl
All classes can be customized by request.


Spirit of Clay Workshop

Grounding is an essential tool in energy medicine. Working with clay can help us reconnect
with the very ground we walk on. Like our own physical bodies, clay is also referred to as a body, and contains the all the elements of nature necessary to create form.
We center the clay in order to move it from an unstructured mass into a harmonious vessel, much like finding our own center. When we smooth the rough edges and trim away the excess,
we let go of what no longer serves us. We add texture and embellishment much like we do to ourselves, to show us love and attention. And the final firing process reminds us of commitment, of embracing the transformation from becoming to arriving,
letting go and trusting the process, as we all do working with energy.
This workshop is about our connecting to the earth element.
It is about inner work as well as collaborative play. By sharing the fellowship of the experience,
we let go of outcome and free up our spirits, often making new discoveries and
finding new insights to our true identity.

Working with clay focuses on physical touch, our capacity for play and imagination,
and building a deeper connection with the earth energies. To see some creative samples
please visit


Energy Medicine for Women Workshop

Hormonal health is essential to a woman's well-being. Energy medicine is effective in treating a host of women's health issues, from PMS to menopause to bone health.
During this workshop, you will learn how to work with your own energy to influence and
balance hormone production, as well as ways to clear your body of energetic imbalances. These techniques will help restore and strengthen your immune, lymphatic and other physical systems to promote health, vitality, clarity and inner peace.

For more information, contact Susan Perl

Specialty classes/services

Performing Arts I have worked with actors to enhance performances energetically, retain energy and memory. It is also great to work for the entire cast and crew in order to create an energetically safe, fun and productive atmosphere.

Corporate Support - I have worked within companies to relieve stress, increase productivity and co-worker/customer relations. I have found people love to increase their public speaking skills! Overall energy medicine can bring a more harmonious atmosphere to the work place.

Elder Care - I have worked in nursing homes to help the caretakers and the patients. I think the elder community benefits greatly from energy Medicine!

Children - You can never start too early teaching children healthy energetic patterns within themselves and how they relate to the world. I work with groups and individuals of any age!

Daily Energy Medicine Routine - Learning this daily routine will change your life! 1-2 hours (time may vary based on questions).